How I Rate

First thing you need to know about my rating system : a three-stars rating is not a negative rating.

Now that it’s taken care of, here are more details :


There’s a great chance that I hated this book : either it’s problematic beyond repairs (think racist, sexist, ableist, romanticizing abuse….) or it was a core to finish it (sometimes I even DNF *GASP*) because of the terrible writing or  the one-dimensional characters or the nonsensical plot or… Well, you get the idea.

Example : Once and Always by Judith McNaught


It was okay, I guess? Definitely forgettable and if I didn’t loathe it, per se, I won’t recommend it either.

Example : Damage Done by Amanda Panitch


Three stars mean that I liked this book : I was not blown away, I’m not fangirling endlessly about it, but it was a good book in my opinion. It lacked that little something that would have made me love it, but all in all I enjoyed my time reading it – the pros overtook the cons.

Exemple : The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine


I loved it, okay? I’m probably talking about this book right now, because it was amazing and I need to vent.

Example : Second Position by Katherine Locke


MY GRAAL. My absolute favorites – those I’ll reread so much I’ll know them by heart. These books haunt me, changed me.

Example : Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

I’m not a fucking machine, though – this rating system is merely an indication, and sometimes I’m not that logical?! Sorry in advance about that ^^