Naked in Death by Nora Roberts



SO. I finally tried the oh-so-acclaimed Naked in Death.


It did not go well.


Huh. I guess I *might* have been able to get behind the instalove and other corny quotes if the love interest’s MO hadn’t been following some kind of Abuser 101 Guide : indeed Roarke repeatedly uses both physical force and psychological harassment to manipulate the heroine into thinking that what they share is a love story. Oh hell no dude, red flags everywhere. I have no patience for Christian Grey’s duplicates (or, rather : inspiration?? Naked in Death was published years before and the similarities in behavior AND characterization are quite upsetting) and….

Well, that’s just it : I have no patience for this shit.

Not to mention the lack of any ‘wow factor’, given how lousy and predictable the murder investigation was. As much as I’d have wanted to ignore the ridiculous amount of clues pointing to the truth, I’d have hurt my eyes squinting to avoid seeing them. Bleh.

It was a quick read, I’ll give it that. As are annoying chain emails, though, and I don’t see anyone listing them in the pantheon of greatest reads ever.

Considering that’s the first of a 40+ books series, I’d say I dodged quite a bullet here. Pun intended.

TW for graphic violence, child abuse, rape, pedophilia

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