Kill Game by Cordelia Kingsbridge

4 stars romance

Once upon a time I might have dismissed Kill Game as sweet candy I enjoyed savoring before forgetting about it altogether (and those who know me won’t be surprised that I’m talking about a book dealing with a serial killer as candy, but moving on), yet after having been sneaky reading for months now (yeah, that’s me being lazy and never reviewing anything), Levi’s and Dominic’s story actually made me turn on my laptop at three am, connect my bluetooth keyboard (a new feature brought into my life after a regrettable coffee incident – you don’t want to know) and… I guess here I am, writing a review again for the first time in months ( writing quotes with sarcastic comments doesn’t count, I’m sure).

So : hey!! How are you?? Did you see that France won the world cup? BECAUSE WE TOTALLY DID!!!

…. And now that’s this obnoxious (but needed) bragging is done with, let me tell you why you absolutely should read Kill Game and its sequel, Trick Roller :

● First of all, I can’t be the only one who’s interested in a super clever serial killer who thinks they’re part of the good guys (please) ;
● You’ll want to meet Levi, the Jewish murder investigator who’s trying to find a balance in his life between a serial killer who seems to like him (hellooooooooo, creepy) and a boyfriend of three years who wants him to be someone he isn’t. His lack of social skills are so painfully relatable, I want to hug the guy (everything’s okay, you’re lovable anyway) ;
● There’s also Dominic and let me tell you!! You’re gonna adore this bulky bounty hunter who drinks milk-sugared coffee (even though, eww, dude, what are you doing) and who’s very much adorable and made me smile so big it hurt (ok ok I know what you’re thinking, not really, but I like this expression too much to get rid of it, so) ;

“You know how annoying he can be.”
“Oh, yeah, men like him are the worst. Big strong guys who chase down fugitives for a living but still make the time to bring you coffee in the morning? Gross.”

● Actually I enjoyed reading about the side characters as well, whether it was Martine, Levi’s super badass colleague or Carlos, Dominic’s neighbor (who is a trans man), or Natacha, the social worker Levi has to see after having killed a man (that was… a hell of an introduction, damn) : they were given a voice and Cordelia Kingsbridge took the time to let the reader know them, even briefly, and I appreciated that ;
The pacing and the writing are great, I never once felt bored, and my attention span lately… leaves a lot to be desired, which is an understatement because I have ADHD so, yeah, my lows are LOWS, my friends ;
● Dominic is addicted to gambling, in recovery, and it’s never cheapened which I mean, THANK YOU!!! because it’s so rare to see characters who are not *magically* healed but rather, whose struggles are pictured in a believable and honest way ;
● If you’re worried that the story will thoroughly be overwhelmed by the romance, don’t ;
● Yet if you’re in for some heartfelt and hot romantic developments, that’s okay too, you’ll get them ;
● I guess I said everything I had to say, so now please give Kill Game a chance : if a mm romance with strong thriller elements and a great deal of fun appeals to you, you won’t be disappointed.

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