Life update | (maybe) (not so) Short Hiatus

Ugh. Hiatus announcements are actually my worst nightmare.

[let’s forget that for a second]

Hey everyone! 

Soooo I had planned to post this at the beginning of the month, but I … okay, let’s say that I didn’t want to face it, okay? Posting about it makes it way too real, honestly. Sigh.


These past few weeks have been particularly hectic and after feeling so proud of having posted regularly during a few months, taking a break AGAIN was hard to accept 😦 May, June and the beginning of July are ALWAYS the busiest months of the year as a teacher (for me anyway), because the end of the year is close, therefore we can’t postpone anything  (anymore).

With the medical issues I’m facing this year, I realized that I had to make a choice : either read a bit or spend my few free hours writing posts – I’m sorry, but I chose the former.

I’ll probably come back after July 10th and I hope you’ll still be around then!

Happy reading ♥

[I’m still lurking on twitter regularly so feel free to message me there, though]

8 responses to “Life update | (maybe) (not so) Short Hiatus

  1. 💞💞💞 I’ll still be here waiting for you when you come back!
    (Also don’t freak out if WordPress sends you the notification that I’ve just started following you, I accidentally clicked on unfollow before commenting akdhskdk)

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