HEAR, HEAR! #1 – A Study In Scarlet, an audiobook review of a classic I didn’t enjoy


What’s up, Aliénor? 

Well… As I said in my Top Ten Tuesday yesterday, I can’t read books on my kindle anymore, sadly. Therefore I decided to start listening to audiobooks, and I’ll review them in this new series of posts.

But let’s start with A Study in Scarlet, shall we? 

a study in scarlet.PNG

TW – Racist slurs

As you can see, it’s actually a good thing that I listened to the audio version, because to say that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the story itself would be an understatement.

I won’t lie, if I hadn’t been listening to this story, I probably wouldn’t have seen its end. Am I disowned already? SORRY?? But quickly enough I found myself wishing that Conan Doyle’s writing would be less dry, more passionate, and would do without so many

“they did this, and then they did that, and then they did this and Sherlock Holmes said that!”

I’m starting to be scared of the pitchforks but really, isn’t there too much telling? What was up with the complete 180 in Part 2? Above everything, why not let me the time to SEEK THE ANSWERS FOR MYSELF, I’m begging you? I know that Sherlock Holmes has come to be a very special character in literature but I can’t fail to notice that the way this murder investigation was resolved – without any possibility for the reader to find out the truth before starting the explanations (or, rather, in that case, before switching from London to Utah) – is never something I enjoy in mysteries because I find it lazy. I’m sorry, but it’s way too easy to give the answers before giving the reader a chance to, you know, get an idea about what is going on.  Sure, we still get to watch Watson and Holmes’s meet cute, and I guess it’s important in itself, right? I’d have done without the blatant racism, though. Even though I know that I should expect it, given that it was written in the 19th Century by a white man, seeing Native Americans repeatedly referred as ‘sav*ge’ was still very infuriating.

transistor2Really, I’m thankful for the perfect narration of Stephen Fry – who did the voices, and captivated me – because if I had tried to read the story in another medium, I’d probably have thrown the book in a pit of rage and boredom. 


2 responses to “HEAR, HEAR! #1 – A Study In Scarlet, an audiobook review of a classic I didn’t enjoy

  1. I did not read a Sherlock Holmes in a long, long time. I think it was in high school. I remember loving The Hound of the Baskervilles. 😍 But, I think that the way we see Sherlock Holmes may be distorted because of the retellings of these past years, so I’m not here with my tomatos. 😝

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    • Thank youuuuuu ❤ And yeah, I read The Hound of Baskerville in high school too (and enjoyed it too!). I do think that the retellings influence us, and he's such an important character in fiction, I get it!

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