Women Crush Wednesday #6 – The Infamous Meghan (shhh, I love her)


Welcome to another appreciative post about the fictional women I adore. This idea was brought to me by Bookish girl and I’m loving talking about my favorite women in fiction, so again, thank you! You can find more details about my reasons to start this meme on this post.

Anyway, my goal is to bring women – including trans women, of course – to the lights every week. But without waiting more, here’s my choice for this week!


Meghan is the Much Despised™ heroine of the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa, but you know what? I’m very much in the minority when it comes to her, because I love her, and I always have.  

why meghan.PNG

Let me introduce you… The Infamous Meghan!! (as in, most of my friends hate her, for some reason) (I actually know why) (I just strongly disagree with them)

So. There’s no denying that she isn’t a kick-ass character, but you know, I’m feeling lenient with her because she never annoyed nor maddened me.


Well, I don’t? I’m sorry? But not sorry???

Alright, let’s be a little honest here, okay? Truth is, we all want to think that we would have morphed into some badass if we had been thrown into a fairy world at 16, and blablabla… Oh, wait. I don’t want to think that. I already know that I wouldn’t have been. Nah.

I, for one, would have bitched around, paid no attention to any rule, annoyed the wrong people, petted Grimalkin…. and probably ended dead on page 18. 

Just admit it already, you wish you could have known my teenager self.

Or not. Okay. I can live with that, now that I’m the champion at adulting.


What’s the saying again? LET’S BE MERMAIDS???

Anyway. Meghan.

“Time to switch to decaf, princess. If you’re going to shriek at every bogey that jumps out and says ‘boo’, you’ll be exhausted before we reach the edge of the woods.”

HOW can I be annoyed by Meghan if I shriek when I see a fucking spider? Huh? Meghan is no hero, but that’s okay, because I didn’t expect her to be. In my opinion she isn’t ridiculous or infuriating, but she’s actually pretty average and for me her personality fits perfectly in the plot developments. Furthermore, she knows her moments of pure awesomeness –

“Stop it!” I hissed glaring at both in turn. “Stop it right now! Put your weapons up, both of you! Ash, you’re in no condition to fight, and, Puck, shame on you, agreeing to duel him when he’s obviously hurt. Sit down and shut up.”

As for her romance with Ash, the brooding fey prince…. Does their relationship flirt with instalove? Honestly? You really want to know? Sure?

WELL. The Iron King is the kind of books where other reviews made me doubt myself. At the time (aka, in 2014), I didn’t get instalovish vibes coming from Meghan and Ash. Some scenes were surfing a little on that dangerous territory (ahem, the kiss) but overall I found it pretty slow? Did my instalove radar was broken? Maybe? Am I wrong?

You know what? MAYBE, but I’m done trying to explain myself about that. It didn’t bother me, I didn’t feel what others felt, and I won’t try and pretend that’s the case.

I shipped them. Whatever that says about me, I don’t care. I also don’t agree about people arguing that Meghan spreads Bella vibes in The Iron Daughter. Yeah, yeah, Meghan moped around at first, but let’s be real : hello, she is *NOT* at home like Miss Bella. The rest is spoilers, but honestly?

In her place? I would have fucking WHINED. There.


I have NO idea where it came from. I still love you, my friends.



That’s it for today! Feel free to link your posts about your favorite women leads in the comments, I’ll gladly add them here! 

2 responses to “Women Crush Wednesday #6 – The Infamous Meghan (shhh, I love her)

  1. I haven’t read the series so I don’t hate her nor love her, but I agree with you that often these supposedly “whiny” heroines are in fact just…normal human beings and I (and I would bet 99% of the people who complain) would act much worse than them in their situation! Great post Alienor!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!!! And I SO agree omg! I was guilty of that in the past, tbh. Especially with women, until I challenge my inner misogynism, ugh. It annoys me so much now.


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