HISTORICAL MM ROMANCE – It Takes Two to Stumble by Cat Sebastian


4 stars romance

“This is all very interesting,” Alton Sedgwick said, stroking his beard. “Very interesting indeed.”
“No it isn’t, Father,” Ben said firmly. “Commonplace domestic drama, absolutely not something I’m going to find in one of your poems next year.”
“Do you read my poetry?” the older man asked.
“Of course I do, if only to see what slander you’ve committed. And I will not find anything titled ‘The Reluctant Sailor’ or something to that effect.”
Alton Sedgwick shook his head disapprovingly. “That’s a very poor title, Benedict.”

Along the years, it came to my attention that I had a soft spot for unconventional characters in historical romance novels, and I’ll say this : if you’re like me and cannot help but laugh whenever you read Tessa Dare‘s novels, you should read this.

I don’t know what I expected when I ordered It Takes Two to Tumble – to be honest, it felt like a gamble of sort, but what’s new, really, given the genre? I’ll never understand why historical romances always get such non-assuming covers and titles (yes, I’m being nice with my choice of word) but this one is a gem, that’s for sure : what can I say, it seems that I cannot resist…

hilarious dialogues – and monologues, really ;
endearing main characters (including a grumpy sailor who has dyslexia, an adorable vicar whose father is an unrepentant epicurean as well as a poet, and a trio of lovable hellions – sorry, kids) ;
great pacing,

… and, finally,
a romance I root for.

Moreover, I thought that Cat Sebastian did a great job at handling the obstacles in their relationship : there’s nothing that annoys me more than obviously manufactured and useless hardships, but it wasn’t the case here : on the contrary, it felt genuine and oh so understandable, especially in this area of time.

Also Phillip is basically me on Mondays –

“Oh, for heaven’s sake. Was everyone determined to be gracious and charming when all Phillip wanted was scowl?”

And really, if atheist me can handle a vicar as a main character, then I can’t see how you wouldn’t. Well, even if I had our venerable poet on my side, lol.

“For all you know I sneak into haylofts with women all the time,” he said, trying to lighten the conversation.
“Do you?” his father said with a skeptically raised eyebrow.
“Of course not. I’m a clergyman.”
“That’s a subject for another day.” Alton Sedgwick did not have much use for the Church of England.”

Oh, well, perhaps It Takes Two to Tumble was weird, but it was my kind of weird, and it was so fucking sweet (THE DUCKS!), I couldn’t be happier to have given it a chance.

Now I cannot wait to read Hartley’s story (tell me it’s coming next, PLEASE).

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