INTERNATIONAL GUEST POST – Lucia’s Life As A Czech Reader


Hi everyone! My name is Lucia and I’m 29 years old book nerd. I come from Slovakia but I live with my husband in Prague, work in business industry and dream of starting my own publishing company one day. My weakness? I can never say no to cake, coffee, tea or a good novel. I have been running my blog Reading Is My Breathing since 2013.

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What can you find on my blog? Reading Is My Breathing is a blog providing book reviews of all genres (based on my mood, my tastes vary from YA to Adult and from contemporary to fantasy or paranormal), regular features and even some discussion posts. When I feel inspired and when I have extra time, I create fanart (graphics, picspams, etc.) to accompany my reviews. Life is always more colorful with a little bit of visuals, right?

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Prague is a multicultural city so it is not that difficult to buy English books here. However, situation is not ideal. Mainly because English books sold in bookshops in Prague are more expensive than on online bookshops and supply is not limitless (only worldwide bestsellers are available in English here, so there is no chance to come across books by new, indie or mildly popular authors). Same goes for English books in public library – there are some available but only the most popular ones by big name authors.

Fortunately, majority of online booksellers ship to Czech republic.  For pre-order, I use Bookdepository. To get e-books for my kindle, I use Amazon. But most of the time, I use online bookseller sites or Beside new books, they sell used books in excellent quality for half the market price.

There is this awesome site – – which finds book for you and compares book prices, including shipping, from over 100 000 booksellers worldwide. It is amazing tool for all book nerds and I use it all the time!

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ARCs are completely different category in Czech republic. I never ever get physical ones. Fortunately, I still get approved for some eARCs on Edelweiss or Netgalley here and there. However, I read plenty of backlist titles and buy physical copies of new releases so being denied for half of my ARC request does not affect the running of my blog.

When it comes to book community, all my interactions with other book bloggers/reviewers are online, either on their blogs or on Goodreads. Goodreads is a godsend for all bookworms and I spend a lot of time there 🙂

Feel free to add me there as a friend or follow my reviews, here is the link:

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GR profile.jpgAs I mentioned above, all my bookish interactions take place online. The only person from my real life who I can talk books with is my mom who is an avid reader herself. We both prefer reading in English (we find original versions more poignant than translations). Plus I hate waiting and sometimes it takes years for some books to be translated to my language, while some of the books or sequels are never translated at all so it is safer to just read it all in English.

Thank you everyone for reading and for your time! If you have any questions about being a reader/blogger of English books in Prague, do not hesitate to ask me in comments.

Thank you so much Lucia for writing this post! You can find her here : 

Blog :  Reading Is My Breathing
Twitter : @LuciaCalwen
Goodreads : Lucia

 Rendez-vous on Monday for a new guest-post! 

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