Friday Nope #6 – Slutshaming & Stalkers Aren’t Appealing, Okay?

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Welcome to my Sixth Friday Nope! 

Why a Friday Nope ? I decided to create this new weekly meme because even though I have neither the strength nor the time to write a full review for every book I hate, I‘d hate to see people hurt by books I could have warned them against. As explained in my first post, Friday Nope will give me the opportunity to introduce one or two books I didn’t like at all, and briefly explain why.

If you would like to join me in this meme, feel free to do so! Just link back to this post, so I can easily see it and share it here!

But without waiting more, here’s my book for today!


What is it ? Bossman by Vi Keeland is a contemporary romance revolving around the boss/employee trope.

Why did I hate ? Oh, dear, where do I even start? Hmm, perhaps my distaste would be clearer if I gave you the wonderful recipe of this book! 

  • First of all, prepare your ingredients : that would be slut-shaming, stalking, sexual harassment and gag-inducing sexual ‘banter’. Everything’s ready? Great!
  • Start mincing the slut-shaming from the very first chapter by making your heroine judging other women’s appearance with delightful sentences like, ‘they were dressed in a slutty kind of way’, because basic woman hate is just so appealing!
  • Go on, it’s only the beginning!
  • Add some cocky dude’s monologue, just in case we didn’t understand where this story was going : where, you ask? Oh dear. To the amazing game of slut/mother/pure, of course!
  • Mix this fantastic preparation with a great amount of stalker tendencies : make your hero follow the heroine everywhere even though she doesn’t know him (but he’s hot! Everyone knows that hot dudes can’t be dangerous! DUH! Ted Bundy was a fluke! For fuck sake!)
  • Please don’t forget to fry everything above with very ill-advised sexual innuendos in the work place, because come on, sexual harassment doesn’t count if you’re the BOSS! It just doesn’t!
  • Finally, pour some exciting sentences as, ‘“Fuck, Reese.” He pulled back enough to look at me. “I want to fill your body with my come. Every part of you. Your pussy, your mouth, your ass. I want to own it all.” OMG aren’t you swooning already? What is wrong with you?

Rating ? 1 star, DNF because I don’t have the time for this. I just don’t.

That’s it for today! See you next week for a new Friday Nope!

14 responses to “Friday Nope #6 – Slutshaming & Stalkers Aren’t Appealing, Okay?

  1. Eh, this sounds freaking awful. I so hate when a ROMANCE novel of all things is like this. Because, see, even if it’s the angsty type of novel, I do associate romance with feel-good-ness, because they usually – at least the ones I like haha – end happily. So, when I go into a novel, looking for a story + an ending that’ll make me smile, I sure as hell will get even madder seeing all this than I would normally, which is to say something, because slut-shaming and stalking are freaking horrid to begin with. Amazing post!
    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! And I completely agree – I read romance novels to escape and even if there is angst along the way, I need to feel good, you know ? I can’t when the heroes make me rage. I just can’t.


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