The Hook-Up by Kristen Callihan or the Epitome of Meh



 – What I liked – 

Drew was surprisingly decent and kinda cute most of the time? Can I have a Fuck Yeah?
● The sex scenes were pretty hot, I’ll admit ;
● The characters finally got some layers during the second half ;
● Compared to most new adult novels, the writing was pretty readable, let’s say – not that it’s saying much, because eh, there’s a lot of crap out there.

– What I didn’t like –

● I’m just gonna warn you that the first 20% are filled with insta-love/lust of epic proportions – prepare yourself to roll your eyes something FIERCE ;
● I’ve said that I liked Drew and I’m not changing my mind, but if he could prevent himself from punching a wall near Anna, that’d be great – at no moment did I feel like that he could be violent towards Anna, but it made me feel uncomfortable all the same ;
● I’ve read too many romances to stand another Let’s fight and break up for absolutely no reason drama feast – we didn’t go into Anna’s self-esteem issues in depth so it made it very hard to understand her attitude?
● I’m sorry, but Iris and Anna were terrible friends in my opinion, and I never got the impression that they even cared about each other ;
● There was a distinct Not Like Other Girls fuckery going on and I just can’t stand that shit, okay? Anna did say that most women were awesome, though, hence why I didn’t rage too much, but the sheer amount of stereotypes about women (including, but not only, about their sex life) was astounding. Ew.
● I’ve said that the sex-scenes were hot but unfortunately they were also very repetitive and numerous and I might have stifled a yawn several times ;
● This is probably on me and my propensity to read romance novels lately but the you are my home felt so cheesy to me, I couldn’t help but laugh ;
● The plot was really long-winded, so much that I had to check the percentages and frown on a hourly basis?
● I’ll probably forget the whole thing very soon ;
● Actually I think I’ll have a hard time to remember it tomorrow ;
● What am I even talking about right now? Is that a book review?

Bleh. Go on with your life, you’re not missing anything without The Hook Up.

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