INTERNATIONAL GUEST POST – Giulia’s Life As An Italian Reader


Hi! I’m Giulia and I’m italian!

My friend and I want to create a blog about books and TV series. We have a lot of ideas for fun stuff. Anyway the blog isn’t active yet. I love following book blogs all over the world, because in this way I can discover different points of view and meet a lot of fans! So, thank you so much Aliénor! (Aliénor : You’re very welcome!)

Before I start: I live near Naples and Italy is a heterogeneous country so reader’s experiences can be very different from place to place. But I hope to give the whole picture.

access to books.PNG

My English books come from Book Depository and IBS. Book Depository is my favorite website for English books because is cheap and reliable. IBS is an Italian website and often there are very interesting sales. There is a section called “outlet” where there are a lot of books!

Often there are sales also on but shipping is very expensive, so I prefer other sites. You can buy books also in bookshops but only in big ones. Often they have only classics or very famous book as Fifty shade or Dan Brown’s. So often you have to order them.

I have access to public library but the one in my city is very small. In other city they are very organized and there is also a public system for ebooks.

arcs & books community.PNG

In Italy there are different conventions about books and comics. “Tempo di libri” and “Lucca comics and games” are the most important ones. They take place far away from where I live, and travelling can be very expensive, so  I’m never able to go.

But I participated to local events like Comicon ( not San Diego Comic-con, unfortunately, even if I like it so much!). Soon in Naples will be new events and I’m very excited.

Book tours and presentations unfortunately are reserved to Italian books and usually they happens in north and middle Italy. In Southern there are less occasions for the reader. When publisher houses invite foreign author they organize usually in cities as Rome, Milan, Bologne… It can be exhausting to know that your favorite writer is in your country but you can’t go. But I was luckily because I met two of my favorite writers, Cassandra Clare and Lauren Kate.

In this occasions I met also some bloggers!

The hardest thing in book community is that often you don’t have the same opportunity, especially if you aren’t a blogger. No special edition, or if you can buy it, shipping is expensive. Same for gadgets. Or as I said before less opportunities to meat your favorite writers.

real life & languages.PNG

I’m very luckily because I can talk with my friends about my favorite books even if they aren’t translated. In fact a lot of sequel of books that I love aren’t translated.

I usually read in Italian but sometimes I read in English. This year I’ll try to read a book in French (Aliénor : Ohhhh which one?? I’m nosy :P).

My favorite italian book is L’ordine della spada (Blackfriars) by Virginia De Winter. I’m sorry that you can’t know Axel Vandemberg and the other beautiful characters! (Aliénor : I’ve been looking for a translation – at least in French – but there’s none so far, damn)

Thank you so much Giulia for writing this post! You can find her here : 

Twitter : @NicciMiyano
Instagram : jules_vandemberg
GoodreadsGuilia Herondale

 Rendez-vous on Thursday for a new guest-post! 

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