Weekly Recap # 2 – Welcome Winter Holidays

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Well, this week is ending on a wonderful note because I’m reading the BEST BOOK and I have so many feelings already (SEE BELOW). But look at me, shamelessly fangirling without saying hello so WELCOME everyone and feel free to link your weekly wrap-up in the comment, I’ll read it 🙂

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I say it all in the title : I’m in Winter holidays for two weeks, and very happy to be! First because it gives me the occasion to try a new treatment (and it’s working so far! YAY!) and secondly because I can finally read and blog without being overwhelmed by guilt. And this is everything.

Next week will probably be more busy, as I have the next couple of months of class to plan (I’m not sure if I said that I was an Elementary teacher?), but I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to try, it won’t be a bother (I LOVE MY WORK OKAY).

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On Monday I finally finished and reviewed the first novel of a promising series, Timekeeper by Tara Sim, and I honestly can’t believe I’ve waited so long before diving in. That’s the downfall of trusting reviews, I think : all my friends were so mixed about it that I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t like and guess what? I was wrong. I loved both the world and the characters. My Review

The Top Ten Tuesday theme of the week dealt with books we changed our mind about,  and therefore I decided to mainly focus on novels whose authors I don’t want to support or whose premises are problematic. My TBR trash is here

 If you want to read a diverse Fantasy novel that won’t bore you for one second but rather, will enthrall your whole being and make you eager for more, take a look at my review for Sunbolt! Plus I’m running a giveaway to win a paperback copy (INT open), so what are you waiting for?

 If you have been following me for a while, you know that I took a long ass hiatus last year, and stopped doing book memes altogether. This week I’m so happy to have started Diversity Spotlight again, which is definitely one of my favorite out there! Romance, Magical clocks & Assassins were on the menu this week 🙂

On Friday I posted my 2 weeks old meme, #FridayNope, in which I introduce a novel I hated and briefly explain why. Please steal it! Friday Nope #2 : Clichés & Casual Racism Aren’t My Jam

✓ My lovely friend  Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books tagged me for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and for once I didn’t utterly forget about it, isn’t that awesome? Click here to read my answers.

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Jade City by Fonda Lee : This week the nominees for the Nebula Award were announced, and Jade City appealed to me instantly : I mean, FAMILY IS DUTY. MAGIC IS POWER. HONOR IS EVERYTHING??? Diverse SFF? What’s not to love? NOTHING. I’m not done with it, but mark my words, I already know it will be a favorite. All the characters are amazing (TRULY), the world is impressive and so detailed and I bloody LOVE IT OKAY?? (also Hilo gives me so many Kaz feels) (and there’s a biracial gay boy I want to protect at all costs) (I’M JUST SO IN LOVE) (BE PREPARED BECAUSE I’M GONNA THROW THIS BOOK IN YOUR HANDS)

That’s it for today ! Tell me, how was your week ? 

4 responses to “Weekly Recap # 2 – Welcome Winter Holidays

  1. Random but I love that you love your job (my mom is also a teacher and she loves teaching, and my grandpa was an elementary teacher and a pedagogue – I’ve never felt the love for teaching myself but I have so much respect for teachers) ((I’m getting sidetracked but I also love teacher characters – like Michael and Nunzio and David, their job is an awesome addition to the plot))

    Anyway I hope you enjoy your winter holidays 💞

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  2. Kaz feels? Excuse me, it seems I need to pick up Jade City. *puts on catcher’s mitt so I can catch the book when you throw it at me* And I wish I had holidays. (Even if I know you probably need to spend them prepping.)

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