Friday Nope #2 – Clichés & Casual Racism Aren’t My Jam

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Welcome to my second Friday Nope! 

Why a Friday Nope ? I decided to create this new weekly meme because even though I have neither the strength nor the time to write a full review for every book I hate, I‘d hate to see people hurt by books I could have warned them against. As explained in my first post, Friday Nope will give me the opportunity to introduce one or two books I didn’t like at all, and briefly explain why.

If you would like to join me in this meme, feel free to do so! Just link back to this post, so I can easily see it and share it here!

But without waiting more, here’s my book for today!

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What is it ? Head Over Heels (Lucky Harbor #3) is a contemporary romance (m/f) written by Jill Shalvis and that stars the quirky Chloe and the sheriff from her town (who can’t get a hint). This is also the novel that reminded me why – no matter how high their rating on Goodreads always is – I don’t usually read what I consider as “traditional romance novels in which POC and LGBTQIA+ people don’t exist”. Ew.

Why did I hate ? First of all, the writing was so full of telling rather than showing and so repetitive that I have a hard time understanding how Jill Shalvis can be so popular. There are so many amazing authors of romance novels, I don’t understand why people would get through that. But moving on. The thing is, I rarely enjoy romances picturing love interests in uniforms, because they just don’t do it for me (sorry??) and are filled with clichés more often than not. Unfortunately, Head Over Heels was definitely on the cliché side, I kept rolling my eyes, and that’s not a good look, isn’t it ? The main characters shared no chemistry whatsoever and the whole thing was so fucking boring and lukewarm, I can’t even. But what made me close the book in a burst of rage was the casual racism thrown into it without never being called out. Just look at this quote, okay ?

“What the hell was that?”
The suspect shook his head. “No Ingles.”
No problemo. Sawyer had some Spanish. He could say “give me a beer”, “throw down your weapon, asshole,” and lucky for this idiot, he could also recite the Miranda rights.”

What the hell was THAT indeed ? I’m sorry, I have no wish to read one of these white washed books in which the only minorities are cashiers or fucking criminals. Nope.

Rating ? 1 star, DNF at 39% (the quote above was the last straw)

TW – racism (note that I haven’t finished the book, so I might have missed something else)

That’s it for today! See you next week for a new Friday Nope!

5 responses to “Friday Nope #2 – Clichés & Casual Racism Aren’t My Jam

  1. Ohh, the quote about having enough Spanish to read the Miranda rights is just so… skin crawl-y. Especially since it’s way too accurate to how things really are in the United States right now. I just cannot see how someone looked at that sentence (author or editor) and went, “yeah, sounds good, let’s keep it in”.

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