Friday Nope #1 – bi-erasure & other fails

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Have you ever hated a novel so much that you don’t even want to write a full review, but still want to warn potential readers ? Because I have. Oh my god, I have. And you know what ? For me it’s just as much important than promoting my favorite novels – because in the end, even if recommending novels we love is an amazing feeling ; even if yes, I want to spread positive vibes, I’d hate to see people hurt by books I could have warned them against.

That’s why I decided to create this new weekly meme, #FridayNope, in which I’ll introduce one or two books I didn’t like at all, and briefly explain why.

If you would like to join me in this meme, feel free to do so! Just link back to this post, so I can easily see it and share it here!

But without waiting more, here’s my book for today!

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What is it ? Fives Dares is a m/m romance (best friends to lovers) written by Eli Easton that was released last October. To be honest, I was pretty pissed at myself for trying this novel because I had problems with Eli Easton’s books in the past (mostly because she loves Gay For You, a trope I hate), so I should have known better. But what can I say, I can’t resist best-friends to lovers romances, and I gave it a chance. I shouldn’t have.

Why did I hate ? First of all, I had a hard time connecting with the main characters because of the way they kept putting their lives in danger with their dares. I know, I know, it’s stated in the blurb, but I didn’t expect the dares to be so… ridiculously dangerous, key word : ridiculous ? Moreover, the heavy focus on sex made me feel really uncomfortable because it felt very much like fetishization in my opinion. Plus the bi-erasure was strong in this one. Indeed the characters kept referring as themselves as ‘gay’ or ‘mostly straight’ (ugh), and their dialogues were so bimisic sometimes, they made me furious. Finally, the last chapters suddenly brought important issues into light – suicide attempt, depression – but it was handled so carelessly and quickly, it felt like a plot device, and that’s just harmful.

Rating ? 1 star, do not recommend.
TW – Biantagonism, homoantagonism, suicide, depression, graphic sex scenes.

That’s it for today! See you next week for a new Friday Nope!

22 responses to “Friday Nope #1 – bi-erasure & other fails

  1. This is such a great meme, Alienor!! I’m definitely going to do it one of these Fridays!! I’ve read Five Dares and liked it at the time, but I understand why you didn’t like it. I just now remembered the suicide attempt and depression at the end, and it definitely comes out of nowhere and is just really not done well at all. I didn’t even pick up on the bi-erasure though!! And I’m bi … how did I miss it??? Also I remember when I bought the book, the publisher (Riptide ?) had the characters’ sexualities listed on the website, and one of them was Pansexual, and I never got that impression? Can you call it good representation if you can’t even tell one of the characters was pan? I don’t think so.
    Have you read Eli Easton’s The Lion and the Crow? I really liked that one, mainly because it’s set in medieval times and I’ve never read a queer medieval book before!
    Great post!! ❤️

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  2. Ugh I was just discussing this on another blog – Me Before You was one for me that I read but it was so problematic that I just couldn’t even review it, just wanted it out of my house and mind. I agree that it’s important to discuss problematic books as well as favorites.

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  3. I’ve read books that have left me reeling in disbelief but for some reason I read through to the last page. I’ll definitely participate in this meme in the future

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