GUEST POST ANNOUNCEMENT – Your Life as an International Reader

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If you follow me on Twitter or on Goodreads, you might have heard about my new project : indeed I want to open this blog to international readers in a series of guest posts centered around what it means to be part of the (very US centered) book blogging community when we live in another country.


With the recent restrictions towards international bloggers (you must have heard of the new rules of Netgalley and Goodreads’ giveaways), I think it’s very important to listen to what international readers have to say because… well, because  the level of misunderstanding was pretty high when the discussion happened on Twitter, and I’ve realized that many US reviewers had genuinely no idea of what it means to run a blog in English when we don’t live in the US. Honestly? I think I can say without hesitating too much that most International bloggers were hurt and pissed off because of these new regulations, and I’ve seen people missing the point entirely. See, I don’t think for one second that this reaction came from bad intentions, but rather, that they genuinely do not know that their “solutions” for our “arc-entitlement” don’t make any sense for most of us. I mean, I often wonder if people genuinely do not know that other countries don’t have English books in their librairies, as it’s one of the main “solution” that was offered. I mean?? Why would we???

Anyway – it goes without saying that my goal here is not to fight with US bloggers because 1)many of them are fantastic and 2)as I said earlier, their reaction was one out of ignorance more than malice in my opinion. Therefore my goal is to bring international readers’ lives into light, and I’m sure I’ll be delighted to read what they have to say – and I hope you will, too.


From the beginning of March, two guest-posts will be posted per week, on Mondays and Thursdays. I’ll provide a list of questions centered around three themes :

  1. Access to books
  2. Arcs and the blogging community
  3. Real life and language

However, the participants will be under no obligation to answer all of my questions – I prepared them to help the guests frame their posts but I want it to be the most free possible, so whatever they think is important is fine by me.

If you’re interested, send me an email on before February 21, noon GMT. 

As soon as the list is complete, I’ll send the participants the questions and we’ll plan the different posts. The first post will be published on March, 5. 

I’ll update the lists of participants on this post every day until February 21. If your country isn’t covered and you’re interested, please message me!

Thanks so much to the readers who have already contacted me, and I cannot wait to hear from YOU, too.


  • Nigeria : @taiwo_shelves
  • Argentina : @SofiiBooklover
  • Italy : @NicciMiyano
  • Australia : @angelictaless
  • Philippines : @maeganelisego
  • Hong Kong : @HKAlyssa
  • Switzerland : @octopussquirrel
  • Ireland : @interesly
  • Czech Republic : @LuciaCalwen
  • Peru : Gabriela
  • Panama : @Joharisjanel
  • South Africa : @sakhilewhispers
  • Hungary : @VVeronika96

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