TTT #3 – My Favorite Authors of Romance Novels


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018.

Confession time : when I saw the theme for today, I kinda groaned. Loudly. Not because I never read romance novels – I read them quite often, actually – but because for some reason, I have a harder time finding novels I love in that genre, and people always make me feel as if liking romance novels was… well, kind of a “all of nothing” thing. I don’t agree.

Anyway. I don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day, either, but then, it’s actually my birthday. So. Y’know.

Today we’re not going to talk about the hundreds of insulting comments I get on Goodreads every time I hate a romance novel, urging me to explain, in bullet points, why the fuck do I read them if I don’t like them, boohoo.

JUST DON’T READ IT! COME ON! I mean the glowing thousands of reviews should have told me the hero was a fucking rapist! DUH!

I’m always… baffled, I think that’s the word, that so many people can’t wrap their head around the fact that disliking a poor attempt at creating chemistry does not mean hating on an entire genre. Admittedly, you’ll see me flapping 1 star on a bunch of them. But what can I say, that’s not my fault if books that romanticize abuse get so many stans that their average rating on Goodreads leads me to think they might be good. It’s not my fault either if slut-shaming makes my heart boil. If you think that putting other women down is needed to craft a love-story, well, I’m going to strongly disagree with you, and I’m not going to apologize for it.

Finally, it’s not my fault if I despise insta-love most of the time – because for me it’s a failure of craft. Give me character & relationship development, damn it! Insta-lust? Alright. Sure, I’m demisexual so it’s not something I can relate to, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic, and if there’s some kind of growth? I’m on board.

Anyway, today is not the day I’ll explain why these so-called romance novels are trash, and why it’s wrong to blend all romance novels together, as if quality didn’t matter.

Today is the day I’ll introduce you to my favorite authors of adult romance.

romance authors I love

I may not love every one of their books, but I trust them and I think they’re fantastic persons. And I guess I love their romance novels so much because the stories they relate don’t exist in a void – they’re filled with everyday issues and flawed characters ; they don’t simply make me swoon, they also make me think. They’re often unforgettable, if I’m being honest.

Note : In the light of his deception and abusive behavior, I decided not to promote Santino Hassell anymore, therefore I deleted part of this post. I’m very sorry that by my recommendations I had a part in supporting such disgusting behavior.

alexis hall


avon gale


courtney milan


alisha rai


alyssa cole


avery cockburn


… Annnnnnnd as of today, I can’t add any other author. Not that I haven’t read and loved other romance novels, of course, but I wanted to restrain my list to the authors I repeatedly read and whose work I adored 99% of the time. So, you know. That’s not that frequent, even for readers like me who read a great numbers of romance novels every year. Sorry??

So let’s finish this post with 3 YA favorites of mine, alright?

These three books are not romance novels per se, yet the romantic relationships they portray will always hold a piece of my heart. I love them so much.



Now tell me, who are your favorite authors of romance novels?

11 responses to “TTT #3 – My Favorite Authors of Romance Novels

  1. I keep on meaning to read more romance, because I literally never read any, so thanks for this list. It’s a great place to start. And don’t feel bad about calling out problematic books! Too many people just accept abusive behaviour as romantic and it’s creepy. Somebody needs to draw attention to that.

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