Mini-Review – Darkling by Brooklyn Ray


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Darkling is the first novella of a paranormal series about white magicians and necromancers, portraying diverse romances.

what did I think

Be ready to be swept off your feet by the haunting atmosphere and the discreet but never-ending tension that made me flew through Darkling. White witches, necromancers, secrets : the reader is thrown in the middle of this complex and dark world and what could have been confusing only added an alluring quality to this fast-paced story of magic and belonging. Not to mention a swoon-worthy romance between Ryder, our trans main character, and his best friend Liam : oh my god, they were perfect together, and their chemistry was off the charts. I can’t wait to read more from Brooklyn Ray and their wonderful writing.

Representation : trans man MC, gay MC (Liam’s sexuality isn’t explicitly discussed, though, and I think he could be bi or pan)

do i recommend

 YES. And I cannot wait to read more from this world!





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