Mini-Reviews – Runaway Groom & Playing with Fire

runaway groom2.PNG

Genre : contemporary romance, M/F

What I thought : I should have remembered that the mere concept of the Bachelor made me itch, and thus prevent myself from setting my eyes on Runaway Groom. As much as Lauren Layne tries to reassure us – and oh boy she does try – we’re still very much reading about some generic white dude and his I’m above all this and I’m so different woman while his televised harem is outdoing itself with catfights and pissing contests. So what if the narrative makes fun of Reality TV shows? Self-awareness is not enough if the story keeps using every damn overused rope to get us hooked. Not to mention several very icky comments, especially regarding mental illness. In the end, the ugly sensation of being played outweighs a couple of cute kisses, and I’m not buying it. 

Do I recommend? Ugh, no.

playing with fire2.PNG

Genre : contemporary romance, M/M, sport romance

What I thought : Playing with Fire is the third book of the Glasgow Lads series and is centered around Robert, who is a closeted bisexual at the beginning of the book, and his gay best friend, Liam (yes, this is very much friends-to-lovers trope). They both play in a football team that is known for being the only LGBTQIA team in Scotland. Honestly, this series makes me so happy that I’m this close to think that I have a soft spot for Scottish footballers (I really don’t??? Because footballers??? I mean????). No matter how many times the characters make my annoyance flair up (Liam, I’m looking at you), it remains that we’ve got A+ writing, vivid settings and stories that just feel so real I can’t help but love them, flaws and all.

Do I recommend? Yes, but with a warning : there’s a lot of biantagonism from one of the MC – his prejudice towards bisexuals are confronted on page but he does say very hurtful things at the beginning, so beware.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

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