Women Crush Wednesday #1 – Sadia Ahmed


Welcome to my first – but definitely not the last – appreciative post about the fictional women I adore. This idea was brought to me by Bookish girl when scrolling down my WordPress reader today and let me tell you, friends, that I haven’t been so excited to start a new weekly rendez-vous in a very long time!

See, I used to be part of these readers who hold women leads to different standards than men. Yeah, I sucked, you can say it. One day I realized that it was so not okay to feel that way, and I started to be more critical towards myself. Not to say that I’m perfect now, of course, but I’m trying, and if you find yourself forgiving stuff to men that you don’t when it comes to women, you should ask yourself why… Why do you?

Anyway, my goal is to bring women – including trans women, of course – to the lights every week. I’d also want to include non-binary characters, but I’m not sure how to handle it, as my last wish is to hurt readers. If you’re non-binary, please feel free to tell me if you have ideas! But without waiting more, here’s my choice for this week!

sadia ahmed.PNG

Sadia is the bisexual heroine of Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai, and if you haven’t started this amazing series, what are you waiting for? Both novels are well-written, hot, diverse, and the third one promises to be just as wonderful.

why sadia.PNG

First of all, she encompasses everything I love seeing in women leads : she’s strong, driven, but that doesn’t mean she has no weaknesses. Indeed I’m very tired of the way women somehow have to be these perfect kick-ass fighters to get to be loved. I absolutely adored the way she cared about her sisters, and how she slowly came to the realization that it’s okay not to be perfect. That it’s okay to want, to be unsure.

“Then why are you crueler to yourself than you’d be to a stranger?”

The rationale made sense, but she couldn’t banish the crushing sense of failure that lingered over her.

This quote right there? It made me cry. Cry because feeling that I am not enough has been glued to my mind since my teenage years, and seeing my doubts and insecurities on page meant the world to me. Seeing an heroine having anxiety and panic attacks and getting the understanding and help she deserves is everything. Even if I didn’t realize it before, I was waiting for an author to create such character and I’m forever thankful to Alisha Rai for that.

She’d tossed and turned for a long time, her anxiety ratcheting up every time she’d noted the time and her brain had automatically calculated how much sleep she would get. Three hours, then two, then one.

Moreover, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Sadia didn’t jump into a relationship with Jackson – no matter how adorable he is – before being sure that it felt right? I know that romance novels often picture instant Iloveyous and that’s not me being petty, trust me, I enjoy those as well. Yet fuck, I can’t deny how much I loved how the romance played out in Wrong to Need You.

Honestly? I’ll never forget Sadia, and I’m sure you won’t. 



That’s it for today! Feel free to link your posts about your favorite women leads in the comments, I’ll gladly add them here! 

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