January wrap-up


New year and new resolutions (hahahaha kidding, I don’t do those) mean monthly wrap-ups (read : I’ll probably be too lazy to review every book I read, therefore I’ll use the opportunity to talk about these review-orphaned books there).

life update

Confession : I’ve never liked January. Holidays are over, roads are freezing, my bank account is sobbing… Not a very Anna month to be honest. Now looking back to the past few weeks, I have a hard time deciphering if it was a good or a bad month. Probably a little of both, more like a snowball of contradictory feelings thrown everywhere and barely melting.

I’ve been feeling sicker than ever, but my doctor found out what my problem was. So what if he also told me that I should prepare myself for a long journey? The hope is still very much shining.

I’ve severed myself from the blog I used to share with several friends, but I’ve finally started to post again here on Meet The Book World when I was thinking I’d let it die slowly.

I haven’t reviewed a lot, but I did read and coming back to my old passion made me feel as if I had found a hidden part of myself after letting it crumble for months.

So, you know. I’m still a mess, but I’m getting there, and I can’t thank you enough for bearing with me.

books I read.PNG

I won’t remember January 2018 as a great reading month. However, I’m feeling a bit emotional because I did read? More than the last few months? Baby steps, friends, baby steps.

new fave.PNG


Empty Net (Scoring Chances #4) by Avon Gale : This incredible novel was one of the easiest five stars rating I ever gave to a romance novel and I feel so thankful to Avon Gale for creating these heartbreaking and precious characters. Sure, the romance between Isaac and Laurent made my heart beat erratically but Empty Net is so much more than that : indeed it’s also one of the best portrayal of eating disorder I’ve ever read and I have feelings??? Okay??? (read : I’ve been ugly sobbing every ten pages but my tears have been washed away by a huge smile, and that’s what I call a win okay)

Rep : Gay MC, demisexual MC

TW – abuse, eating disorder, homoantagonism


good time.PNG

good time_covers.PNG

(I’m giggling at the association of those, but that’s who I am, I guess)

The Odyssey by Homer, translated by R. Fagles (first reread in English for me) : Odysseus the ultimate anti-hero, and that’s probably why – as much as he annoys me at times with his antics – I’ll always prefer him to Achilles. Sure, one can’t deny how unreliable and prejudiced he is as a narrator – just look at how he twists the reality when describing the Cyclops’ life and culture – but that’s precisely – in addition to the engaging structure – what makes The Odyssey so readable and less ‘old-felt’ than The Iliad. Well assuming you’re reading a translation in verses, of course (but why wouldn’t you now). I can appreciate that Homer’s trying to give his female characters a voice – much more than Virgile, anyway – but let’s face it, as all classics it’s still full of dudes who make the decisions (and end sleeping with every woman they meet, because why the fuck not?). Still a must-read as far as I’m concerned, at the very least to be able to notice how far the references spread (colonization will do that to you, nudge nudge Alexander the Great).

The Epic of Gilgamesh : I read this one for my Ancient Masterpiece of World Literature course and admittedly I found George Smith’s story more interesting than the book itself (fuck the British Museum, really), but it was still very interesting to discover this story and draw similarities with younger tales (including The Bible). Also Gilgamesh was so gay don’t @ me.

Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn : I’ve actually written a review for this one, probably because I needed to explain how it fed my insomnia and how disrespectful I’d been (whisper : I skimmed).

Play with me (Bedrooms Games #1) by Alisha Rai : It’s no secret that I live for Alisha Rai’s romance novels and this short erotica didn’t disappoint. Not my favorite of the bunch, but still a very enjoyable read.

i'd rather forget.PNG


I genuinely do not know what to say about Mean Streak and Just One of the Boys except that they were really generic and utterly forgettable.




These novels were kindle freebies and as I’ve been meaning to read more of those, there was a moment when I thought it’d be a good idea to try those (DON’T ASK, I DON’T KNOW WHAT CAME INTO ME). I’ve actually written reviews for both of them on Goodreads (Wrecking Ball and Resentment) but here are the highlights of my anger : grumpy jerks, rape jokes, abuse as a plot device (and not handled at all), nonsensical and overstretched plots, surprise baby. I just… I cannot.

currently reading.PNG


Rebel Seoul by Axie Oh : Because of health issues I’m not likely to finish this book before the end of the month (/SAD FACE), but let me tell you that  I LOVE what I’ve read so far : the world-building is impressive, the plot and writing are very compelling, the characters’ dynamics are great and I might be a bit in love with the main character, Lee, but shhhhhh. One thing is sure : I’ll ramble about the brilliance of Rebel Seoul before the end of next month. Just you wait.

what's next.PNG

Next month will be sapphic! I’m way behind in reading books about lesbian or bisexual women and that needs to change, therefore I compiled a little list on Goodreads (I’m sorry, you need to be my friend on there to look at it but if that’s not the case, friend me! I don’t bite!! Much!!) with the help of friends on Twitter (THANK YOU!). If you think about other novels I should read, please, feel free to recommend them to me!

Credit : to create my picts I used vector illustrations by Vecteezy

See you next month! Tell me, what were your favorite books of January? Your biggest disappointments?

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