2017 review – What is life

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Let’s start with my favorite books of the year because from what I gathered that’s what all the cool kids are doing (have done) (4 weeks ago)





favorite books2
My soul would be EUGENIDES *clears throat* okay what I meant to say is, The King of Attolia (see also, The Queen of Attolia)

Now in no particular order :

Sleeping Giants
Never Let Me Go
Midnight at the Electric
The Sound of Things Falling
The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks about Race (nonfiction)

… and Persepolis, of course.

Perhaps if we blended these books together, we’d find the raw pieces of myself I’ve broken in 2017, and make me whole. Perhaps not. I’m not the same person I was a year ago, but I’m not going to play the game in which I wonder if that’s for better or worst I am different, that’s all.


life updates2
Yet my reading year cannot encompass my whole being through 2017, because I’ve started pulling away from reviewing – and that does not mean I don’t like being here on Goodreads anymore, but rather than logging on lost the all compassing influence it used to have. Therefore I can’t reduce this year-long-diaryish summary (what do you mean that’s not what it’s supposed to be, huh) to the books I read, because this year I also

ranted a lot, (on twitter, on facebook, IRL – yes, I’m very much THAT person who completely disregards all the well-meaning posts that urge people to PleaseStopMakingEverythingPoliticalplease, there’s no such thing as a clear boundary between private life and politics in our world, when we’ve eaten so much relativism that hating on a whole group of people out of sheer bigotry and ignorance is labelled as an ‘opinion’ by some) usually about politics but also about how I hate that basic decency somehow makes a King out of you now (yes, that means that I kinda hate people ; my closed-ones keep telling me that I’m channeling my inner INTJ more and more along the years – if I’m being honest, I have to admit that they’re right : I refrain random urges to yell BUT SCIENCE! HUMANITY! NUANCES EXIST FOR A REASON! at least once a day, so). I’m so glad to be a teacher because kids are really – BY FAR – the best part of that wrenched species called Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

binge-watched way too many series for every kind of reasons possible : The Good Place because it will not affect me in any way is my Patronus, Dear White People because IT’S SO GOOD OKAY, Kuddam’ 56 because I’ve been working on my German (IT’S COMING BACK!! WOOT!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M GOING TO DO WITH IT BUT YAY!!) and I loved how they handled women’s rights in the fifties (…until they redeemed a fucking rapist, so no, I don’t recommend, what a waste),  Peaky Blinders because Cillian Murphy, duh, (also I’m sort of digging villains as heroes, don’t judge me) and of course, Game of Throne (TEAM SANSA).

(and okay OKAY, admittedly 1,000,000 more)

✔ took the time to make the changes I wanted in my classroom, with more games and reading workshops and I. LOVE. IT.

✔ decided some books didn’t exist : Flamecaster and Assassin’s Fate do not exist, because I DO WHAT I WANT ;

✔ started enrolling in College courses on the internet because as my boyfriend would say, “5 years weren’t enough now you’re randomly studying for the sole pleasure of studying, is that right” : EXACTLY. I’m currently following Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature (HarvardX) and I love it (I’m even taking notes, because I’m a dork like that)

✔ started my family tree. What you need to know about yours truly is that she’s both claimed by Kabylie and low-class Normandy, and a Parisian at heart (who enjoys so much the countryside that she’ll never come back, because CONTRADICTION IS KEY) ;

✔ spent way too much time being bounced between doctors and I kinda hate them all now (I hope they don’t read English – I’M KIDDING Xo Xo). For real though, nothing brings out my anxiety more than realizing that my doctors don’t have a fucking clue how to treat my illness. Except from painkillers, of course, but PAINKILLERS AREN’T TREATMENT can we tattoo this somewhere and be done with it thanks????

I hope I’ll be around more in 2018, but if I’ve learned something these past years, it’s that I can’t possibly presume of anything : when life is concerned I’d better roll with it, and that’s what I very much intend to do.

Tell me, how was 2017 for you? What is your biggest hope for 2018?

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