Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

DNF. I… I’d say I’m not smart enough to appreciate this highly acclaimed Fantasy novel, but it would be dishonest : at 30% I’ve come to the conclusion that Ninefox Gambit is obscure for the sake of being obscure, and that’s not something I enjoy reading.

Look, I understand the need to create an original world, and perhaps (certainly) there are thousands of readers out there who happily dive into books without having a damn clue what the story is about and what the fuck are all these things described with invented or pseudo-mathematical words. And I mean, great! Good for you! I’m not that reader though. I actually need to connect with the world and the characters and all that lexicon stuff is slowly crushing all the interest I could have felt in the first place.

“If it had fallen to calendrical rot, the hexarchate’s exotic weapons would be of limited use there. The hexacharte lagged in invariant technology, which could be used under any calendrical regime. In particular, too close to the rot voidmoths’ primary stardrives would fail. Without the voidmoths to connect the hexacharte’s worlds, the realm would unravel.”


Alright, after 30% I did get a sense of what all that meant, but… It’s way too much work and meanwhile I’m not able to connect with the characters? So sorry if I’m losing the opportunity to get to some epiphany, but nah, definitely not a book for me. Perhaps “It gets better!!!!” but at this point I don’t give a damn. Maybe I should apologize for that, but eh.

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