Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman



Some books are dangerous because they make me want to try surfing or skating and then there’s this (not so little) voice in my head yelling NO, ANNA! because my coordination skills are… okay, okay, inexistent.

Girl Out of Water is one of them. But let’s present you 6 reasons why you should give it a try, shall we?

Anise is a fantastic MC and I want to hug her (alright, she’s so relatable to me that it might make this hug-thing weird but HEY) ~ every one of her thoughts – her doubts, her fears, her needs – rang so true and I just loved her, alright? I particularly enjoyed that she could be confident, even a little bit arrogant, and yet… doubt herself all the same. Too often authors seem to forget that characters’ self-esteems are actually allowed to be complex and … changing, which makes really hard for me to connect with them. None of this here. I understood her. She felt so real, how could I not?

Diversity as it should be, that is to say : neither token POC friends nor whitewashed world, but a realistic portrayal of the fantastic diversity of the real world (Anise’s best friend is Samoan, the love-interest is black and disabled, and two of her close friends are lesbian) ~ none of their marginalization is used as a plot-device thank you thank you thank you ;

Accurate portrayal of the never-ending energy of 9 years old. THANK YOU. It seems like a given but trust me, it isn’t. Every time I read about children that age I kinda frown in confusion because my pupils can’t be the only ones who never stop talking and moving and asking questions and negotiating and

SPOILER ALERT : They’re not ;

Of the importance of friendship and family ~ We definitely need more of these awesome characters dynamics in YA, especially between teenagers and adults (but not only : I also loved seeing her getting closer to Emery, her young cousin). Yet I firmly believe that if people we care about – and the love we share – are of great importance for our personal growth and the way we build ourselves, we also need alone times to discover who we are, and Anise’s story did a great job at portraying that in my opinion.

LINCOLN! Absolutely adorable + made me smile = my unconditional approval ~ Not to mention that there was no instalove between Anise and him, but rather a progressive and believable (and adorable – did I say adorable?) growth of their feelings for each other.

Girl Out of Water is a very well-written and compelling novel ~ it’s very character-driven but I wasn’t bored one second and it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a YA Contemporary from start to finish. A VERY long time, okay?

Honestly,  if you like cute and realistic summer reads, I can’t recommend Laura Silverman‘s debut enough.


** Look here if you preorder it to get a signed postcard and maybe win goodies!

*arc kindly provided by Sourcebooks through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Have you read this book? What did you think? What are your favorite summer reads?

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