Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast



TW – Racism

When I (painfully) tried to read this book, I was in a GR-annoys-me phase (you know what I mean), and didn’t get to post a ranty DNF review because 1)not worth my time and 2)well, NOT WORTH MY TIME. It was the second book from P.C. Cast I tried to read and… Well, I never managed to reach 10%? Because what the fuck is this writing? Really?

ANYWAY. I would have probably forgotten this book even existed if not for seeing it on the NY Times list. Not that it would surprise me that much, given that Red Queen made it its home and you all know what I think about Mare fucking Barrows and her woman hate. But then I read reviews about Moon Chosen and… this racist shit is not acceptable, guys. In addition for being a terribly written novel taking place in a poorly crafted ‘world-building’ with a TSTL heroine whose actions make no sense, it had to include blackfaces and negative portrayal of dark-skinned and biracial characters? Like??? In what world??

→ I strongly invite you to read Paige’s and AJ’s reviews if you want to know more about it *shivers*

As for me, I won’t try again to read anything by P.C. Cast. There’s just not enough reading time in my life to waste it reading terrible books.

4 responses to “Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast

  1. I used to read her books for time-pass and because they were easy to read, but I always found that her teenagers didn’t speak like teenagers. Those days, I didn’t realise how problematic she writes because most of the books I read were like that, so I thought that was how it was supposed to be. They also focus way to much on love and how amazing and different the protagonist is. So happy that I discovered diverse books!


  2. I loved the HoN series when I was younger, but I’m pretty sure if I reread them I’d hate them. Plus I met her and her daughter and they were so rude. I’ve decided not to buy any books at all since then.


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