Why I Suck At TBRs

why i suck at tbrs2.PNG

(but really, this post could also be named : an addition to my March TBR or why I shouldn’t have a blog alone or beware this is me trolling your Saturday or Damn the kids were tiring today I needed books or -)

So, why can’t I, for the life of me, keep a TBR for more than a day? Honestly, I think that I’m so sick of planning for my class that I have a hard time following my reading plan and –

Or, I went to the bookstore.

Maybe that’s just it. Mind. Blown.


Books in this picture that I REALLY want to read and that were NOT in my March TBR for translated novels (putting the English version below, but as you can see, I tend to favor French translations when the book has been written in Spanish or Italian – Plus Mabanckou writes in French, and Szabó’s was well, just there OKAY?)

Let’s be real one second : I don’t even know why I’m writing this useless post, except to express :

a) my complete inability to follow any form of reading plan so perhaps you shouldn’t trust them : how do you people do I NEED INPUT

and b) my excitation because SERIOUSLY, HOW AMAZING DO THEY SOUND?! (I just started Black Moses and already really liking it :))

Sorry for the trolling?

So, tell me : How do you manage to follow your TBRs? Do you struggle or is it just me who can’t bother? Have you read any of these novels?

6 responses to “Why I Suck At TBRs

    • Right? I usually prefer English ones – in YA, they are often better – but in adult novels I’m often disappointed by English ones, especially because some translated novels have been published so long ago in English and never re-edited. Also lmao, I just CAN’T follow my TBR it’s awful. Even my *currently-reading* shelf is often false because I’ll start a novel and then change and never think about changing it on GR XD

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  1. I suck at TBRs. If I map out reading books then maybe a couple will be read. I’m a mood reader; it’s why I suck at reading review books. My problem is that I want to read what I want to read when I want to read it and I don’t want to be bothered by the concept of it has to be read. I find with reading deadlines, whether its ARC related or school related, I enjoy books sometimes less or I’m harsher in my rating because I’m nitpicking because I’m not in the mood for that type of story.

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  2. I am exactly the same – on my TBR posts I always have to mention that they are very loose lists, not necessarily the next books I’m going to read! I honestly don’t know how people stick to strict TBRs. Also, thanks for linking Black Moses! I couldn’t find it on goodreads the other day, for some reason.

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    • RIGHT? It’s like, every time I decide on a TBR, I just… find something else to read lmao (that’s why I barely ask for arcs anymore XD) And you’re welcome! I had a hard time finding it too, I had to look at the French version and then look at the other editions, that’s weird.


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