Hi everyone! First of all : THANK YOU for being here. No, really. There are SO MANY amazing blogs out there (I shall make a list soon, actually), I’m forever grateful for every living reader who’ll take the time to read my reviews. You rock.


This is both a difficult and simple question. Difficult because there’s no such thing as one reason to explain it, and simple because it just goes hand in hand with who I am.

But let’s get rid of what might scare you away, shall we? Meet The Book World will primarily deals with books, yes, but I’ll also ramble on different subject, including politics. I’m warning you here, right now, because my patience with “let’s not get political” talks is currently very, very low. The thing is, I don’t believe for one second that we can review books – especially diverse books – without getting political. A novel is always a lens through which we see the world – as you can get, I also don’t believe in “this is only fiction” bullshit. Right. Like all the stereotypes played on pages hadn’t any influence in the way we see the world. Right.

So, this is the first reason : I might post about politics, history, feminism, diversity, teaching, maybe French lessons even, I don’t know! I needed a platformΒ  that gave me the freedom I needed to do it.

But the books? What about the books?

This blog was created with a primary goal in mind : help readers – especially US readers – to expand their reading experience by reading more translated books written by writers all over the world. Why is it important? Well. Don’t you think that nowadays, we seriously need to look at how people live and think around the world? That we seriously need to stop being so self-centered? Because you know what? the lack of knowledge brings a boulevard to stereotypes.

So, we need diverse books.
We need diverse books written by minorities in the US and other English countries.
But we also need diverse books whose authors *GASP* don’t speak English.
We need to push for more translated books.

What are you going to find here, then? Well, mostly reviews for books written all around the world, but also for diverse books as a whole (I participate into #DiversityBingo2017). Keep in mind, though, that I will never be the voice we need to push when it comes to diverse reads : I am a white-passing, able-bodied woman, and if I believe that everyone should try and read more diverse books, and will do my best to promote them, there are more interesting voices to read out there – that’s why I’ll always try to link reviews from marginalized readers on the bottom of my reviews.


Edit 11/03 : The giveaway is ended! Congrats to Elisquared who chose The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (that I HAVE to read soon!) β™₯ Please check out my March giveaway here!

To celebrate the launching of Meet The Book World, I’m offering you the diverse or translated book of your choice up to 12$, open internationally (if BD ships to you). Enter this giveaway to win!


All the books on the picture are examples – you can choose another one of course! Click on the link below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY : If you choose the option “tweet about the giveaway”, you can delete the Rafflecopter link at the end – I already included the post’s link in the tweet πŸ™‚ (yes, this is me discovering that *GASP* WordPress doesn’t do javascript so here goes my beloved Rafflecopter widget *hides*)

PS. If you’re interested in reading more translated books, you’ll find the collaborative list on Goodreads – follow the link below!

41 responses to “RAMBLINGS + GIVEAWAY | Welcome!

  1. welcome to bookblogger world !! Speaking of diverse book, I’m a newbie myself here. I need to learn more about it. Thanks for creating this blog. I would definitely make a stop here since you’re going to talk a lot about diversity and such a thing. πŸ™‚

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  2. Amazing giveaway, Alienor! I love the idea of the Translated Books project. Thank you so much for initiating that – such a great way to promote translated books and authors who don’t speak and/or write in English.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Karen! It means a lot ❀ It feels so good to be finally reviewing again – for real. I have so many books that I’ve started in the crazy past months and that I never finished!

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  3. Hi Alienor, I’ll make sure to come here and read your posts. πŸ˜‰ Love the passion, the humor and the infographics you put in your posts! πŸ‘


  4. Hola! I love looking at your posts and like your twitters and your reviews, and I thought I’d look at this website! I think it is absolutely awesome what you are doing. I really love this website, I wonder how you made it, was it hard? I hope to read some of the books on your diversity bingo. Good job on the website, glad ya have a facebook page and seeya

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  5. I think your idea of creating a platform for non-English-published books is great. I’m trying to review one book each month that has been published in German, and there are far fewer German diverse books out there than English diverse books. 😦 Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

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    • You’re welcome, and thank you! And I feel you – we get a great amount of translations in French, but not many diverse reads (at least translated from English – most of the US books being translated in French are … WELL. Think SJM, 50 shades, etc.😫). I just realized that I read way too many books set in the US or UK and barely any books set and written by authors from Middle-East, Africa, South-America, etc… I hope I’ll find some to love β™₯

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      • I usually read in English, so I’m lucky in that extent. But I want to find some books that I can recommend to friends that have been translated into German or that are originally in German. Does My Head Look Big in This? is translated into German – which I think is great!

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      • Oh that’s great!! I completely understand. So many of my favorite books have never been translated into French, when I have to recommend a book IRL I’m like… waaaaait…. πŸ˜‚

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  7. What an interesting idea! I don’t think we can leave politics out when discussing a book either, which is why I’ll definitely stay here to check your posts and read a different *or not* point of view. Welcome to the blogging community – though your not new at blogging ahahaha πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  8. As a reader who lives outside of the US, I couldn’t be happier with your idea of including books written by authors from all over the world. When I first started following blogs in English, I was really surprise to see the focus on so many local writers – like you say, especially from the US. I didn’t know any of them back then! But as I could learn about those US authors, it would be nice if we all took a look at the incredible stories written out there. Best of luck with this wonderful new project!!! β™₯ And thank you for helping spread so many diverse books!

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    • Thank you so much! It means a lot, really. I didn’t notice it at first, actually (I’ve been reading books in English for 3 years) but these past months I grew more and more annoyed at never seeing anything else than US books, hence the project πŸ™‚


  9. I just realized that I read way too many books set in the US or UK and barely any books set and written by authors from Middle-East, Africa, South-America, etc… I hope I’ll find some to love β™₯ !

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